Pölöskei online spots 2019

Heart-breaking public service advertisements for Pölöskei Szörp.

Thanks Kreatív.hu for sharing the project.

These social advertisements we made for Pölöskei Szörp were made with a big spoon of courage. Beyond that, efficient teamwork and professional preparation made the shootings happen. We shot 2 videos in 3 locations within 12 hours. The coordinated work of almost 30 people and good communication helped to form this quality of work.

The intimate family scenes were shot in a house and its garden. The sport shots took place in the unique ballroom and gym of Saint Margaret High School located in Budapest. Lighting plays a major role in these films. The message these videos hold – and what the client wanted to communicate – needs to be highlighted. We wanted to represent this highlight in real life.

Client: Pölöskei Szörp
Strategy: Molnár Dóra, Németh Emese Zsófia, Tasnádi Ádám

Production company: 5mart Studio
Producer: Juhász Benedek
Directors: Mátyás Boldizsár & Világi Bence
DoP: Szemerey Bence
Production Manager: Répássy Márton
1stAD: Fazakas Lőrinc
Decorator: Erdély Janka
Choreographer: Mazzag Izabella
1st AC: Déberling Norbert
2nd AC: Soós Géza
Ronin technical: Kiszler Dániel
Gaffer: Szekrényi Dániel
Best Boy: Gaál Károly
Makeup: Balogh Eszter Pacsi
Script: Bedő Norbert
Werk: Novák Doro
PA: Pika Gergő

Post Production:
PP Coordinator: Mátyás Boldizsár
Grading: Szemerey Bence
Audio Producer: Wu Huan
Piano: Péch Lóránt
Studio: 4cut

Casting Agency: Facefox

Thanks for the piano: Rubik Ernő


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